upto my neck in it... lol
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upto my neck in it... lol

Been a tough few weeks, had to say goodbye to my longest running member of staff, she's left after 12yrs for pastures new, so i wish Debbie all the best for her future in her new demanding job.. we was all sad to see her go.... :-(
But luckly we start a new lady this week named Jane, so we are busy introduving her to my business and the kind of work we do, and training her up to the way we work. So also lets hope it all works out @ Perfect Fit for Jane.
I myself have had to have a few days off this week for injections into my neck to relieve me from pain from 2 prolapsed discs, so fingers crossed it works asap.
And we have also got a member of staff on holiday too..... So thank god for Linda running the Shop .... along with May and our new lady, Jane.
Il be back in tomorrow to restore order!!!!!!!! lol   x
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