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We aim to offer you all the very best of what we do at Perfect Fit.

Take a quick look at what we can do.....

We offer General Alterations,Repairs,Remakes and Redesigns

01 Alterations

There's not much we don't Alter, Whether its something you've just picked up from the shops, New Jeans, Shirt, Skirt etc to something hiding at the back of your wardrobe gathering dust, You loved it, not wanted to part with it and it cost a small fortune...   

Or maybe youve lost weight??  dont throw it away. Here at Perfect Fit we can give it a new 'Lease of Life' so you can fall back in love with it all over again..... 


02 Zippers & Buttons


One of our many services include Zips, all kind of Zips, for your Coats, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts etc........

We do them all, Invisible/Concealed, Metal,Chunky,Plastic Double Ended, and Open Ended. 

We will Replace missing Buttons, Add new style ones add buttonholes too......

 03 Specialist Work


For all of us here at Perfect Fit Specialised work means Items like Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid & Prom Dresses etc. many involve Lace, Net, Tule and Applique layers. These special items of clothing require Patience, Love and Respect for the workmanship involved.

04 Bead work

Many Bridal, Prom Gowns we work on have detail which can include Bead work. 

At times we have even been asked to replace all original beads for a different colour or style.

example of our work... is this picture of Wedding Dress that had all Silver Crystals removed and replaced with Gold and Bronze shades.


                          05 General Sewing of any Kind 

From Denim, Leather, Curtains, Even Bedding, Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Jackets and Suits etc, and we have been asked for so many different types of Sewing Jobs.

As long as it fits under our 'flat bed machine' and our 'needles' can sew through it, we will do it..


Try our Collection of Accessories 

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